Exceptional listener, enjoys long walks through restricted areas


Defining characteristics include a mane of spiky, white hair, goggles, and a grey duster with blue trim. Tall and slumping, the tired lines on his face speak of higher mileage than his thirty-two years. Ethnically, he’s a mutt, with tannish, brownish, beige-ish skin of uncertain origin.


TC spends his time and money between his squalid house (where his parents, 3 children and ex-wife Midori live) and his squalid apartment (where his drug-dealing/doing girlfriend Surlene lives). He crashes with runner friends when he feels like avoiding both homes. TC prefers working alone, but in down time he likes to chill with other runners. And for 5 nuyen, he’ll give you one guess what the T.C. stands for, and if you’re right, you win a gold credstick containing all the nuyen from previous incorrect guessers—currently valued at 2,495 nuyen. Anyone want to make lucky 2,500? Although if you guess without paying, T.C. won’t even say if your guess is right or wrong.


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