Toronto by shadowlight

Throwdown at the Stuffer Shack

by Neon Sentinel

     Toronto's newest runner team, headed by self-styled gonzo journalist "The Duke", made a splashy debut last night at a local Stuffer Shack.  While grabbing a late snack, they were set upon by a low rent crew bent on killing a mother and child. Turns out the baby's father would rather pay hitmen than child support or divorce lawyers. You can watch the footage "here". What you don't see is that the 2 that escaped were busted by Knight Errant officers about 20 minutes after. Pay attention, boys and girls, running the shadows isn't for amateurs, even if you can get your hands on high explosives.


     I liked it. The smart people lived, and the dumb ones ended up geeked, or in prison. No civilians got hurt in the process. All in all, that wasn't a bad start.

                                                                    Capt. Keerunch


     It's easy to look superior against inferior opposition. We will see if their skill matches their face's talent for self promotion.



We even made a buck…and the burritos were to die for…too soon??

The Duke
Throwdown at the Stuffer Shack
colinsk663 colinsk663

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