Toronto by shadowlight

S-K incident after action report
by Elaine Anderson

Duke, this is the report on your run to Gananoque to recover the stolen cyberware components. Elaine Anderson is the S-K outside asset handler(AKA Fixer) that contacted me for the run. 

     Dr. Berlin

     From: Elaine Anderson- HR manager in charge of outside contractors.

     To: Herrmann Nystrom- Branch head of cyber research; S-K Credit River Complex

     As per your request, I've recovered the components stolen from our vessel in the Thousand Islands. You've already received my report on our intelligence gathering to find where the items were held, as well as our capture of Fred Winters, the person responsible for leaking details of the shipment to the Toronto Mafia.

     After learning these details, I contacted Dr. Berlin and asked him to provide us with Shadowrunners to reclaim the items in question. He contacted a runner team headed by a self styled journalist named The Duke. I had one of our "Mr. Johnsons" make an offer to The Duke, and secured his services. 

     Duke stopped in our Kingston holding facility to interrogate Mr. Winters.  What he found was that Winters was extorted to provide the shipping data in order to make good on gambling debts. What Duke and team were able to get was the description of a troll shadowrunner that worked for a shadowrunner  team based out of Quebec City. Duke's team followed the leads to a warehouse and storage facility 12 km. ENE of Gananoque. The opposing runners were led by a stealth operative named Smiley. Smiley's team put up substantial resistance but were ultimately brought down because of their lack of magical support. Duke's team then secured the shipment and returned it to Toronto.

     In conclusion, I originally resisted the idea of hiring The Duke, due to his erratic personality and chemical dependency issues. I changed my mind based on Dr. Berlin's recommendation, and on the report of Dr. Kellner upon recovery of her zoo specimens. Duke and his team are viable shadow assets, and I do not hesitate to recommend them for future missions. I've also forwarded this report to our office in Quebec City to recommend they make use of Smiley once he hires competent magical support, since Duke and team engaged them with nonlethal force.

     I await your feedback on the subject


Feng Shui in the dump
by Neon Sentinel

     It's nice to see Duke and his friends staying busy. I figured they would be desperate for cred after the amount they spent on toys at the Markham Caravan.  This latest peach of a run had them extracting a Feng Shui expert from Shiawase at the Markham Waste and Recycling facility. The target, Dr. Bernard Kwan, is an expert in Feng Shui and the son of a high level Wuxing exec in Hamilton.

     Wait, Shiawase was doing Feng Shuiin the Dump? What the hell for?


     To keep the background count down, and the toxic shamans out of Markham. Positive Qi helps keep the mana flow healthy, or at least less negative.

     Snow Leopard

          The team was able to hijack a garbage truck to make their way to the dump where Kwan was working. After a brief firefight with a Shiawase security team, some mages, riggers, and oh yeah, a toxic shaman complete with sludge spirit, Kwan was secured. He left some of his research with one of the Shiawase team members so they can still do what they were working on, and rode out with the runners to Hamilton. A touching family reunion, and a nice payday for the runners followed. Let's hope Duke and Friends' next run is much less smelly.


Come one and all to the Markham Caravan
by Neon Sentinel

     Every shadowrunner's favorite bazaar of illegal goodies is coming.  The Markham Caravan will be held May 6th at the old Loblaw's superstore in TVL. The Ancients have promised safe passage to all with valid invites, so come on down!

     Among the items sure to fetch top cred are:

          1 Ares Thunderstruck gauss rifle. This beauty was open for advanced bidding and is already over Y110,000 for the top bid.

          2. One Fairlight Excaliber Cyberdeck. This might be the the top nuyen getter at the caravan, and it might beat the previous record of Y1.5 million.

          3. One Deltaware pain editor, courtesy of our hosts, the Ancients.

     These aren't the only toys up for purchase. If it's highly illegal, deadly, essence robbing, or addictive, chances are you can find it here. Bring your credsticks and get ready to party. The Caravan promises something for everyone.

Magical datasteal at Unit 47

     The runners were contacted by Saeder-Krupp and offered a job involving spell formulae under development by Mitsuhama's Unit 47. The runners were provided a mysterious item with a 
Wuxing corporate logo that Saeder-Krupp claimed would give Duke and Crew the time they needed to get in, steal the data and get out.

     The team came up with the plan to hijack a refrigerated truck bringing meat to the Unit 47 warehouse. They made their way in, their disguises still holding. After reaching the paracritter lab, and unleashing the Saeder-Krupp device, the team found that the meat they transported was intended for a naga being held for research purposes.The naga tasked TC with an unknown mission, took the meat, and wished the runners good hunting.

     The team made its way to the main magical research lab and proceeded to slug it out with Mitsuhama's security. Heavy fire, including several grenades, followed. The runners managed to dispense with the security mage before the 2 water elementals could intervene. After that, the remaining primary threat was the heavily armed and armored Lt. Kano.  Eventually the Lt. went unconscious, and the spells were recovered. The first 2 spells were decent area effect booster spells, one for healing and the other for boosted reflexes. The third was a potential magical cure for CFD.  The runners secured the spells, made their way out, and crashed the gate to make good their escape.

     After securing payment from their Johnson, the team took time to relax at the Cavern Club.  The evening was interrupted by 2 pieces of bad news. First, the assassin,Purplex stopped by to inform the team that 2 other players were involved with the Dark Communion.  Those players were escaped criminals from Seattle named Lynn Telestrian and Jessica Watts. The second complication was that Duke may well have seen Cutthroat's mother, who was assumed dead.  What does the future hold for our intrepid runners? Only time will tell.

Good Friday blowup
by Kaiser Susie

     I was passing the time at Rail's (my favorite runner hangout) on a slow Tuesday night, when who should come in but the Duke, and his crew. I overheard them discussing how to steal a bunch of heavy weaponry bound for Toronto's docks. I was bored, and between jobs, so I offered to assist for a modest fee.

     Our Russian friends, the Artimovs, were bringing in this hardware for an unknown buyer they were meeting on Good Friday night. They were hoping that enough prying eyes would be drawn to the opening of Dante's Paradiso so that they could do business unimpeded.  Duke's group scouted the location, and moved in when the ship docked.  Things got a little hairy when Vanya, a cybered up Artimov goon, dropped a grenade on Duke.  Duke put down Vanya with a well placed shot, and the unloading progressed.

     After we loaded up, the buyers arrived. True to form, the buyers for this batch of weapons were Alamos 20k, which is a particularly nasty Humanis affiliate.  The decker, an ork aptly named Raging Bitch, set off the demolition charges in the remaining crates and created the nice explosion you all saw on the evening news.

I heard about this shipment too late to act against it myself. Good thing someone decided to take it out before Humanis got their new toys.


The fireworks were nice, but what were a few more AK-97's going to do Humanis anyway.

                                                      Capt. Keerunch

These weren't AK-98's. These were bleeding edge milspec weapons that would have ended a lot of lives.  Wherever he's hiding, Victor Beckford can't be happy.


St. Ambrose after action report
by Det. Sophie O'Rourke

     This is a report covering the breach, and incursion into the ghoul haven under the Church of St. Ambrose in Missasauga. Lt. Conrad covered the incursion through the front entrance to the church in his report. I entered the basement of the church, along with Analyst Miriam Goldstein, and a team of outside talent. We were able to make a silent incursion through the cistern in the basement and gained entry to the basement proper. The ghouls present were aware of our coming and were waiting in ambush. We engaged and put down 9 ghouls. One of the shadowrunners got tagged, but the claws didn't penetrate his armor. We were then engaged by a vampire who used his mist form to get under the door and engage us. He took a little more time, but we were able to put him down.

     We moved into the second basement area to find the main vampire ritualist and 8 more ghouls. This vampire was a mage of considerable talent and reckless fanatacism, and the ghouls were only slightly less formidable. No one was harmed by the vampire's magic thanks to our outside mage, and Analyst Goldstein's quick thinking.  I was the lone casualty in that I was clawed by one of the ghouls who charged us at the door. I have 12 staples and a regimen of antivirals for the next 2 weeks for my trouble. The vampire went unconscious from spell drain, but not before he set off a series of explosives that destroyed the church. All who entered the church were able to escape without further harm.

     I have desk duty until I'm cleared by the Doctors. As a final note, I'm not a fan of outside talent, but this particular team proved their worth. I'm also recommending Analyst Goldstein for a commendation. Without the help of the runners and Miriam, I don't think we would have brought this case to a conclusion nearly as quickly.

The Dark Communion
by Nyasa M'bele

     I'm writing this post to state for the record that these events were not my doing. About 1 month ago, sex workers for the 2 corporate enclaves in Missasauga were being ritualistically murdered and eaten by ghouls. The bodies were drained of blood entirely, and excisions were made from the victims' skin. Knight Errant assigned one of their best, Detective Sophie O'Rourke, to investigate.  Despite her best efforts, the bodies piled up to where Knight Errant had to take drastic measures. They brought in one of their "problem solvers", a jack booted thug named Lt. David Conrad.  He took 2 steps that changed things drastically. One is that he blamed me for the crimes and sought to execute me without trial. The second was hiring my unknowing rescuers as outside talent.

     The shadowrunner team met with Det. O'Rourke and were thankfully skeptical of my involvement in this. They found me, but not before ghouls and a vampire from the Dark Communion came to claim me as their next offering. The runners killed the vampire and ghouls, and brought me top safety. They exposed the plot, but things are far from over.

     The Dark Communion is a group of Ghoul shamans who seek to use magic to give ghouls divine purpose and an outlet for their rage at how society treats them. I looked into joining them many years ago, and disagreed with their methods. They have only grown more vengeful in the passing years.  Mayor Ford's brutal policy of bounties on ghouls has only hardened their resolve and drawn many more to the cause.

The ghouls are leaving the sprawl. My crew cashed in on plenty of bounties in the past, but now we can't find a single one. They're either flocking to the Dark Communion, or so far underground you would need an S-K construction team to dig them out.


     The Dark Communion killed these people in their fashion for a ritualistic purpose. Their past targeting of Laetitia Carvalho speaks to their religious motivation. With Easter approaching,  I feel their purpose will be made clear. I've also heard that they have a new leader; one who isn't a ghoul but who shares their dark vision.

     I have news on that score. When I get back to town, things will get a whole lot clearer.


Stratosphere Designs

One of Mirth's contacts had some out of town work for the team. It involved sabotaging an auto design company named Stratosphere designs.  They gained entry by ambushing a low level wage slave outside a stuffer shack when he went in for his morning soykaf. Using magic to mask Duke as the wageslave, Duke was able to gain entry, steal the data, and sabotage the system. As the team were escaping, they passed the Saeder-Krupp group that was looking into buying Stratosphere Designs. Although someone in the other car noticed them, no pursuit was coming,and the team were paid, and flew back to Toronto.

Rigger rescue at Azzie black site

     Gorgon offered the group a job extracting a rigger named Driver 8, who was captured by Aztechnology and slated for sacrifice. The runners traced him to a farm and feed lot that disguised an interrogation black site. Using Duke's new toy, they cleared the topside resistance to gain entry to the underground site.

     With no surprise possible, the group slugged it out with the cybered and mystically adept security forces inside the site. The Black Jaguars, as expected proved tough. Cutthroat almost burned herself out. In the end, Raging Bitch was able to close off any Azzie reinforcements, and the group and Driver 8 were able to escape.

     Driver 8 revealed that his group targeted vaccines at an Azzie lab in the Harbor District.  They were supposed to destroy some and recover others. Driver 8's group never got close. The vaccine samples they were targeting were from metahuman subjects, and the ones for humans were the ones they were to save. Driver 8 was appalled to learn that he was running on behalf of Humanis and told the group everything he knew. The info he gave up is still being investigated by Gorgon's people to try and find the elusive Victor Beckford. More to come…

Chatting with wetworkers, and other fun activities

     After the wallabies were returned to the zoo, Allison Maxwell met up with the crew at the Cavern Club.  She mentioned that one of her news leads, a Dr. Eleanor Hessler, was killed at the Humanis rally by repeated lightning strikes. Allison hired the crew for a run at GTA Health Partners, where Hessler worked, to find out info on the mysterious Mr. B. Before the night was over, they also had a chat with Purplex about who might be trying to set her up.

     The run went off well. The crew hire a different IPA Mafia member for this run, choosing the more attack and combat oriented decker known as Raging Bitch.Everyone made it out and is headed to meet up with Allison Maxwell for payment.


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